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JUNE 2020
Continuing The Journey


Continuing the journey conference is an open temporary community, creatively exploring continuity and tension between the world and church, nature and grace, psychology and theology


Two and a half months and the uncharted world that is lockdown is becoming more familiar, but days merge into each other and normal feels like a distant memory. Amidst this, I find myself intimately acquainted with a thing called Zoom (which was previously unknown to me), working long hours, and separated from the normal flow of grandchildren. What an odd world it is. I also find myself looking for the small moments of joy that bring light and hope, which nature seems to be lavishing upon us, so I am often to be found with my camera, capturing the things that make me smile:











One of the strangest things was to be sat at home, during the time that conference should have been happening, wishing that I was with you all. For those who hadn’t booked, we have rescheduled for 26-30 April 2021, in the hope that we will be able to meet. We will start organising again in the autumn and will be in touch with you all with details in due course. Meanwhile planning group continues to meet (via Zoom, of course!), and we thought it would be nice to share some words, images and links that have encouraged us; some from us and our speakers, and some from you.

Keep well.
Kim Gooding
Chair of Planning Group


Rescheduled date of next conference:

26th - 30th April 2021



And here are some contributions from you...

Hild, the pink, fiery dragon

Hild came about at the start of the lockdown for coronavirus. I was exploring in a creative way and found I needed a symbol to take me through these difficult days. In my imagination a dragon emerged – one that could take me on her back to fly over the skies, with her fiery breath protecting me and keeping me warm.

With big eyes observing what is going on, she could take me to restoring places to reflect and recharge. Hild means battle and I went on to crochet her to life. She has shown me that I can be held and grounded through my imagination.

I live and work in the community of Holy Rood House. This dragon will be part of our exhibition on Holding Real Hope – as our creative emergings are all part of hope coming to the fore.

I am Held

within my body
bone and muscle shoring up my frame

within this house
with prayers oozing from each wall

 within this garden
blue-tit squeak, daffodil dance, rooted tree
reminding me of my belonging
and the energy flowing
from earth to sky

in community
in the embrace of a wider weaving

within the silence
and the ‘thinking of you’ grace of others

around the table
with the deep wisdom of my saints

with the wider energy
of my own imagination
my pink fiery dragon
taking me to reflective spaces

And the world is held
within this deep love connection
stretching around us
as the flesh of the womb
All of us, animal, plant, galaxy
held by love
that guides us through to our emerging

Helen Warwick 29/3/20 (in lockdown because of Coronavirus)

We would love to recommend our speaker, Rachel Mann’s new podcast Sacred Unbound, which explores the intersections between faith, art and culture in precarious times. It can be found at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and all places where podcasts may be heard. Episodes include: Rembrandt’s last canvas; the God of the goblin market; The doom wall of oxodby; The bosom of Abraham; Returning, we hear the larks and a village resurrection.
The host link is: (ignore the Spotify link there, and scroll down to listen to episodes).

You can also follow Mark Oakley as he tweets a poem a day on Twitter feed @CanonOakley

“ I will never take for granted again -
Holding my darling daughter, seeing her and sharing deeply with her, exploring London and other places together.

 I will never take for granted again - Walking and talking deeply with close friends,  sharing tea and cake at a cafe, enjoying a pub lunch together.

I will never take for granted again - Hugging my parents, cooking for them, playing games with them, enjoying memories by being in their home.

I will never take for granted again - Worshipping with my church family, sharing food and real conversations, group interactions, face to face meetings.

I will never take for granted again - Walking by the sea, exploring new places, overseas adventures with family and friends.

I will never take for granted again - Parties, shared meals, badminton club, barn dances, opportunities for new relationships and connections with people“

Julie Hickson May 2020

There are already lots of images, but I thought I'd offer this one, of bluebell woods which I discovered locally. I was struck by the patterns of dark and light, and the feeling of standing in the shadows and yet seeing through to the light.

Marie Calvert 2020

Virtual CTJ 2020

Dragons, why do I fear you?
You are mythical creatures, fantasies, products of vivid imaginations.
You can’t really breathe fire
Or swallow people whole.

I know you are lurking,
mostly hidden from the outside world but always threatening to appear... And then what will happen?
Will the scorching of your breath
and your ferocious appearance
cause untold harm?

To get rid of you I first need
to dare to name you, wake you, speak to you and try to tame you.
How do I do that when I am so scared
of being overpowered by you,
when I cannot trust you, when I
view you as so unpredictable and dangerous?

(God says....)

Take my hand, child.
I will make you brave.
My power is so much stronger –
I will not let the dragons destroy you.
They guard the treasure that I long to give you.

Speak with authority, child. Banish them.
They do not belong here. Tell them to flee.

Then come with me to the treasure trove of my love and my healing.

I am not a dragon
You can trust me. Take a step of faith....


And finally...

A Time for Everything by Helen Warwick  April 2020

A time to cleanse and a time to stick hands in the earth

A time to reflect and a time to plough on

A time to be solitary and a time to connect to others

A time to fear and a time to relax

A time to change and a time to keep routine

A time to love the earth and a time to stay indoors

A time to connect to the world and a time to look after self

A time to imagine and a time to think straight

A time for abstinence and a time for abundance

A time to hear and a time to ignore

A time to keep centred and a time to float

A time to write and a time to rest

Social Isolation in the Puffin world


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